Beef T-bone steak 400 gr.

Price:21.59 BGN for 1 pkg.
Price:47.99 BGN for 1 kg.
Manufacturer: Italy
Package type: vacuum
Storage: 0-4 C / - 18 C
Сontents: 1 piece х 380 - 450 gr.

Beef steak "T-bone"

The beef T-bone steak consists of a T-shaped bone with meat from both sides. The bigger piece of meat is from the striploin and the smaller - from the tenderloin. Due to its  weight  and the fact that  the steak contains the most valued cuts of the beef, the T-bone is considered one of the highest quality cuts.

Great on the grill.

The bone in the steak doesn't conduct heat and  the two different types of meat will grill/roast at different times. The meat close to the bone will grill/roast slower than the rest and the tenderloin will grill faster than the striploin.