About Us

Citymarche Ltd. is founded in 1997 and managed to create a successful, working business formulae.

A brand, well known amongst professionals in the restaurant business.

Complies to the high standards of the European Union in all aspects of the business activities.

Follows the trends in the food industry and contributes to the development of high catering culture.

Follows the fashion in cooking and turns the best in tradition. Provides guarantee for high quality and origin of each product.

The modern infrastructure of the company is located in the heart of Sofia. It includes suitable refrigeration rooms, maintaining various temperatures and a vehicle fleet, tailored to the requirements of food transportation. Offers a stable product diversity, however open to experiment with new items, eventually turning them into best sellers in the market.

Customer relationship is based on trust, correctness, reliability and the development of friendly, long-term partnership.

We seek to be exclusive in the service we provide and in the ability to satisfy the most-refined taste of our customers.

And now with our new service – online orders and door-to-door delivery of food supplies we look forward to make shopping more!