General Trems and Conditions



1.    “City Marche” Ltd. is a commercial company, registered under company file 4441  /1997 of Sofia City Court, BULSTAT 121374504, head office and management address: Sofia 1407, 21 Srebarna Street.
2.    Customer is any user registered with the purpose to use the services offered by “City Marche” Ltd., at the internet site
3.    Supplier is a person/entity, engaged in the business of trading in or delivery of food products and drinks.
4.    Abusive actions are actions or omissions to act, violating the internet ethics or causing damages to persons connected to internet or associated networks, sending unwanted mail (non-requested commercial messages, SPAM, JUNK MAIL), overfilling the channels (FLOOD), receiving access to resources using else’s rights and passwords, using systems’ faults for the purpose of self-benefiting or collecting information  (HACK), performing actions which may be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destruction of systems or informational massifs (CRACK), sending “Trojan horses” or causing the installation of viruses or systems for distant control, interfering with the normal work of the other users of internet and the associated networks, execution of any actions which may be qualified as a crime or administrative violation under the Bulgarian legislation or in accordance with any other applicable laws.  
5.    Encrypting is a way of ensuring the hiding of the information from any persons which it is not intended for. The encrypting is performed in combination with a key – word, number or phrase.
6.    Internet page within the meaning of the present rules shall mean composite and individual part of a website.
7.    IP address is a unique identification number, associating Customer’s computer, internet page or resource in a manner facilitating their localization in the global internet network. 
8.    Password is a selected by the Customer code of letters, digits and symbols, which together with the user name individualizes the same and which again together with the user name serves for access to the user’s (customer’s) profile.
9.    The user name is a selected by the Customer unique code of letters, digits and symbols, representing a valid address for electronic mail (Email), through which the customer individualizes her/himself.  
10.     Customer profile is an independent part of the site, containing the Customer information, required by “City Marche” Ltd. during the registration and stored by “City Marche” Ltd., as the access to the user profile by the Customer is performed through the entry of user name and password. 
11.     Website/site is a certain location in the global internet network, accessible through its unified address (URL) under protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

Please, read carefully the terms and conditions for use. They represent an agreement regulating the relationship between you and “City Marche” Ltd. The agreement includes the terms and conditions, under which you may use our site, as well as our obligations regarding the delivery terms and products’ quality. In case you disagree with the terms for using the services offered by “City Marche” Ltd., you are entitled not to use the site. “City Marche” Ltd. guarantees the quality of the services it offers:
Any and all services and products we offer are created to satisfy the needs of the customers using our site. We would like to know if you are dissatisfied with them. All of our customers are entitled to contact us on our phone numbers and/or to write to We strongly advice you to check the delivered products and shipment at the moment of delivery. With signing the delivery document it shall be considered that the delivery is accepted. In case of any claims arising the Customers shall be entitled to reach us at our contact telephones. 


Prices and stock availability:
We, at “City Marche” do believe that we offer quality products at reasonable prices. We have daily access to products of leading companies – manufacturers. However a possibility exists that certain products may be missing from our catalogue, but this is due to reasons beyond our company’s scope and control. In case we are not able to perform your Order, we shall contact and inform you, and refund the amounts paid by you within 2 working days from the date at which we should have performed our obligation under the agreement. “City Marche” Ltd. reserves its right to change the prices of any products and services.  
All products’ prices stated in the site are VAT included.

Product delivery:
“City Marche” Ltd. has integrated the European requirements in relation to the products’ storage and transportation. Our vehicles are equipped with individual refrigerator installations allowing the products to remain fresh and good for consumption. We recommend the delivered by us frozen products to be stored in a freezer. 
In order for you to receive the shipment, you need to provide us with your exact address, contact telephone and name of the recipient. In case there is a doorman at the entrance, regulating the admissions to the building, she/he should be notified about our arrival or authorized to accept the shipment (delivery).  
In case of extraordinary unfavourable climate conditions preventing our employees from performing the delivery of your order, “City Marche” Ltd. retains its right to change the delivery time or date. We shall be liable to notify you about such delay. In case your address can not be reached by our employees, we shall contact you in order to find the best solution.  
In case in the stated by you delivery time you are not found at the address indicated and no person is available to accept the shipment on your behalf, our representative may additionally contact reach you at the telephone number provided by you in the Order. In case the delivery is delayed due to fault of yours, an additional delivery price in the amount of BGN 10.00 shall be added to the bill for the product’s delivery.
Accepting the present Terms and Conditions you hereby confirm that you are notified about the way of payment. You may pay n advance any products’ shipments only provided that you prefer such way of payment.

In the future “City Marche” Ltd. shall reserve its right to use any partners. That shall mean that certain services offered on our site may not be property of “City Marche” Ltd. In such case you should become aware of the rules established by the respective companies or organizations. “City Marche” Ltd. shall perform only connecting functions upon the establishment of such relationships and shall bear no liability.

Rights over “City Marche” site and trade mark:
The whole content of the site, software, pictures, images, graphics, texts and interface are property of “City Marche” Ltd. This content is created for the purpose of assisting the site’s customers to use our services to the maximum extent. Any other usage of the listed above materials, including, but not limited to modification, reproduction and distribution without the written permission on behalf of “City Marche” Ltd. shall be punishable under the legislation.

Registered mark:

The mark “City Marche” is registered by “City Marche” Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of the Marks and Geographical Indications Act.

Access to “City Marche” Ltd.:
The telephone costs you incur calling our phone numbers shall be on your account.
You warrant and represent that you are 18 and older and that you are entitled to be a party under the present agreement. You are the only person entitled to authorize any third persons to use your user name and password. Hereby you agree to inform immediately “City Marche” Ltd. about any misuse of your user name and password. 
You shall be obliged to pay any and all made by you expenses and the expenditures made by any third parties used your customer profile. You agree and accept to protect your customer profile, as well as the whole available information including address, telephone number, information regarding your electronic payments, electronic address and the authorized person to receive your orders. 
Only people 18 years and older shall be entitled to order alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. You are not entitled to order such products for people eighteen (18) and under. “City Marche” Ltd. reserves its right to refuse orders made from people 18 and under, and to delete customer profiles as well. 
You shall be solely responsible for protecting your user name and password, and for any and all actions performed with them and by any third parties using the user name and password. You shall be obliged to notify immediately “City Marche” Ltd. and the respective authorities about any case of illegal access through the use of your user name and password, and always, when a danger exists for such use as well. 
Upon the use of the offered by “City Marche” Ltd. Services you shall be obliged, regardless whether you have made an order or not:
•    Not to violate and to respect the citizens’ rights and freedoms, in accordance with the Constitution, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and international agreements it is a party under, the ethical rules, good morals and internet ethics upon the use of the offered by “City Marche” Ltd. services;
•    Not to breach else’s property or non-property, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property right, intellectual property right, etc.;
•    To notify immediately “City Marche” Ltd. and the respective authorities about each case of violation made or established during the use of the services offered;
•    Not to download, send, deliver, distribute or use in whatever manner and not to make available to any third parties software, computer programs, files, applications or other materials, containing computer viruses, unauthorized remote control systems, computer codes or materials, intended to interrupt, render difficult, disturb or limit the normal functioning of computer hardware or software or telecommunication facilities, having as their purpose unauthorized penetration or access to other’s resources or software or obscene messages, commercial messages, texts and images with pornographic content, computer viruses, texts and software subject of the copy right legislation and the related rights;
•    Not to perform any malevolent actions. Hereby you agree that the use of the internet and services offered in the site shall be your sole responsibility.
“City Marche” Ltd. bears no responsibility for any warranties, services and information provided by the manufacturers of products or services.
“City Marche” Ltd. provides no warranties that the offered by the site information flow and functions are free of technical errors, nor that the server servicing it is free of computer viruses and other damaging components. 
“City Marche” Ltd. bears no responsibility for any damages, caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities and devices or for any data loss, arisen out of materials or resources, searched, downloaded or used in whatever manner through the services subject of rendering.

The advices, consultations or assistance, provided by “City Marche” Ltd. specialists or employees in relation to the services’ use by the customers shall not give rise to any liability or obligations for “City Marche” Ltd.
You, in your capacity of a customer shall be obliged to compensate “City Marche” Ltd. and any third parties against damages incurred and benefits forgone, including for any expenses and legal and attorneys costs, made as a result of claims filed and/or compensation paid to any third parties in relation to internet sites (pages), hyper-links, materials or information which you have used, placed within the server or anywhere in the space of , sent, distributed, made available to third parties or made accessible through in violation of the legislation, the present general terms and conditions for usage, the good morals or the internet ethics.
“City Marche” Ltd. guarantees to its customers the confidentiality of the information and personal data presented. The latter shall not be used, disclosed or made available to any third parties beyond the scope of the cases and subject of the provisions stated in the present terms and conditions for usage. “City Marche” Ltd. collects and uses the information in order to upgrade and improve the services offered.
Any and all purposes “City Marche” Ltd. shall use the information presented for shall be in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, applicable international regulations, the good morals and internet ethics. The information may be used by “City Marche” Ltd. unless the customer sends explicit disagreement to that regard to the following e-mail address:
The materials published on the site shall be used for legal purposes only. “City Marche” Ltd. monitors and controls the present site from its head office in “Hladilnika” quarter, the city of Sofia. We disagree with the site’s use by other persons for different purposes. The prices and stock availability on the site shall be subject of a change with no advance notice needed.

For the city of Sofia:
We deliver our products every day from 11:00 to 21:00 o’clock on the grounds of your Order placed the previous day.
You shall be entitled to indicate exact time for the delivery to be made, and also to direct our delivery employees, writing a message to them in the empty field (building’s peculiarities, the person, receiving the delivery, etc.). 

For the country:
Deliveries for addresses outside the city of Sofia shall be made following an additional agreement with a specialist of ours.
Attention: No deliveries are made on Sunday and holidays! 

We do realize how important is to keep your personal data confidential and to provide to you the required security level in the use of our company’s site. This is the reason to develop and adopt a special company policy in relation to the use of your personal data. The texts hereinafter shall explain what information we need, why we need it and how we use it. You shall be entitled to restrict our access to it, as well as to erase completely your personal data from our site.
Personal information for physical persons – customers of the site:
•    Name
•    Exact address, to which the deliveries should be made;
•    Electronic mail;
•    Contact telephone;
•    Information about legal entities – customers of the site:
Data of the legal entity:
•    Company name
•    Bulstat
•    Registered head office
•    Liable person
•    Contact person
•    Telephone number
•    Electronic mail
•    Exact address to which the deliveries should be made
We need this information in order to deliver the products to the address indicated by you. We use your telephone number to confirm the shipment and to notify you about any changes occurred or any problems with its delivery. Such information is qualified as personal and is kept in our company site. In case you select not to provide your personal data (name, address, telephone number, electronic mail, company data), you shall not be able to use the full range of services we offer.

How do we use the information that you provide to us:
We use the provided to us information in order to meet your expectations. We process your orders, improve the service level, offering different payment plans (in cash, through a bank transfer), prepare your personal profile in view of making easier your shopping and to save time, we inform you about new products and offerings, in which you would be interested. We are not entitled to disclose your personal data to any third parties and organizations, unless you authorize us to do so. The purposes described, for which your information is used, do not represent an extensive list and give rise to no obligations for “City Marche” Ltd.

How do we use “cookies”:
This is a small data file stored in your PC, containing information about you. We use it to identify you as our customer. That allows our system to remember your customer data, order history, and other information as well, which helps you to use our site. By allowing us to use cookies it will not be necessary for you to enter your user ID (name) and password multiple times. That will save you time while using our services. We do not use your personal or financial information (except your e-mail). Most of the browsers accept “cookies” automatically, but allow you to deactivate them. In case you exercise this option you will not be able to use fully the offered by us services. 

Sharing personal information:
We share information with our partners. It is related to the advertisers and companies we work with for improving the service quality. Such information excludes our customers’ personal data. “City Marche” Ltd. shall not disclose any of your personal information and shall not present the gathered information to third parties – state authorities, commercial companies, physical persons, etc., except in the cases when:
1.    It has received your explicit agreement to that regard during the registration or at a later stage; 
2.    The information is requested by state authorities and officials, which under the legislation in effect are authorized to demand and gather such information upon compliance with the legally established procedures.
3.    Other cases the law provides for.
Requested information from potential and registered customers:
Our site allows registered and non-registered customers to view the products we offer. They are able to make inquiries regarding the products and services we offer, and to share their experience with similar sites. We reserve our right to publish the opinions and to use the names of our site’s customers, unless they explicitly request from us not to do so.

“City Marche” Ltd. reserves the right to use other companies for gathering information from you, and to perform inquiries and surveys by itself as well. Our purpose is to create the best products and services’ assortment. That shall assist us in the provision of the best satisfaction for you – our customers.   

Our site may contain links to other sites. We are letting you know that from the moment you use any of these links you shall become subject of their company policy. That relieves “City Marche” Ltd. from any liability. Our liability covers only our company policy.

We treat with the care due and bear responsibility for the protection of the customer’s information became known to us in relation to the provision of the services – subject of the present terms and conditions, except in cases due to insurmountable force, accidental event or third parties’ ill-intentioned actions.
We state the mandatory or optional character of the data provision and the consequences in case of refusal for its submission in the registration form to be completed by the customer during the registration process. By agreeing with the present terms and conditions the customer agrees its information to be processed in the manner provided for therein. 
The limitations shall not be applicable in case the customer or persons under its control have performed ill-intentioned or illegal actions or have violated any third parties’ rights or legal interests. In such case we shall be entitled to disclose the customer’s personal information to the respective competent state authorities in accordance with the legislation in effect. 


We ensure the information’s high protection level during the use of the site’s services.  

Information lost or stolen:
You should notify us in case your user name, password or credit card have been stolen, lost or are used against your will. In such case we shall cancel your profile in order to prevent any misuse.

Change of personal data:
In case of a change occurred in your personal data (change of address, telephone number, electronic mail), you should notify our administrator. This will allow us to execute correctly your orders. 

Hereby you accept the present Agreement and it shall be effective until terminated or cancelled. “City Marche” Ltd. shall be entitled to terminate or amend the present Agreement with a notice send to your e-mail or to the address indicated by you. 
You shall be entitled to terminate the present Agreement at any time through notifying us in written form and sending a letter to the following address: Sofia 1407, 21 Srebarna Street, “City Marche” Ltd, or at telephone: + 359 (2) 8688024 and e-mail address:   This email is protected against spam bots and you need to have Javascript installed in order to view it. 
The present Agreement and our company policy determine the scope of your agreement with “City Marche” Ltd. regarding the use of the site and services we offer. You agree that the present Agreement is applicable only to the site’s registered customers, and between them and “City Marche” Ltd.